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Establishing companies of all types in Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for the best corporate lawyer in Saudi Arabia to help you establish your company and start your business? An expert in law and legal consultations, Faleh Al-Kabra Office provides its professional services in establishing companies and all other related legal aspects. It provides comprehensive legal guidance in corporate matters and works to monitor tax laws, bankruptcy cases, and any other issues that may stand in your way in establishing your company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and even at the international level. International.

Establishing companies of all types

Establishing a company in Saudi Arabia includes many complex legal procedures that vary according to the type of company, its size, and its activity. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on a specialized law expert who is proficient in all laws, rules and regulations related to the corporate system in Saudi Arabia. This lawyer must have the competence and accuracy in implementing the legal procedures in a proper manner. Professionally and in the shortest possible time, Faleh Al-Kabra Law Office provides a qualified work team and international partners who provide company establishment services in Saudi Arabia and around the world. The work team is characterized by extensive experience, multiple specializations, and the skills necessary to provide legal advice.

The best law firm in Saudi Arabia

In the office of Attorney Faleh Al-Kubri Law Firm and Legal Consultations, we are considered one of the most prominent offices in the field of law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An office licensed by the Saudi Bar Association to provide all legal services and legal consultations. Our work team consists of a distinguished group of lawyers and consultants with experience in all legal fields. We are able to deal with all types of cases. The work is coordinated under the supervision of Attorney Faleh bin Hamad Al-Kubra to ensure that our clients’ needs are met quickly and efficiently at all times. We always strive to provide distinguished and respectful performance in all legal matters, by taking into account Islamic law and devoting the highest principles and high ethics related to the profession. Law firm.

How can we help you establish your company in Saudi Arabia?

Our team of experts in establishing companies provides several crucial legal services to our clients, starting from determining the type of company and the nature of its activity, and choosing the optimal legal form for it, all the way to identifying and choosing the trade name of the company, and officially registering it with the Ministry of Commerce. We also register in the commercial registry and obtain the necessary licenses. To carry out the activity, draft and announce the company’s articles of incorporation and articles of association, and register the company’s trademark, our specialized team guarantees to provide comprehensive legal support for the establishment and successful growth of your company.

Law firm establishing companies

If you are looking for a law firm that specializes in establishing companies in the best ways and at reasonable costs, we welcome you to the Faleh Al-Kabra Legal Office. We seek to provide the best way to establish your company in Saudi Arabia, as we greatly assist you in completing the procedures necessary to establish your company. We prepare all the required papers and documents, In addition to helping you choose the appropriate trade name for your company.

Once we know the type of company you want to establish and determine its activity, we will provide information and conditions for each type of company, including joint-stock companies, joint-venture companies, and holding companies.

We also determine the company’s headquarters and provide the appropriate mobile numbers for it. We do all these tasks ourselves without it costing you any trouble or difficulty. Just leave it to us and enjoy the process of establishing your company with ease.

Falih Al-Kabra office services

At Faleh Al Kabra Law Office, we provide comprehensive services in the field of company establishment, including:-

Legal advice on corporate restructuring processes, registration of commercial agencies and trademarks.
Establishing various companies such as joint liability companies, limited partnerships, joint stock companies and limited liability companies.
Complete all procedures for establishing companies and announcing them.
Addressing and managing issues related to companies, starting with analyzing the company’s legal status, filing lawsuits before commercial courts, and following up on the procedures of the Saudi corporate system.
Representing companies before commercial courts in the event that they are involved in lawsuits.
Drafting and documenting company contracts legally.
Providing legal services to commercial agencies between companies or individuals.
Documenting the commercial register of the foreign investor, providing services for obtaining foreign investment licenses in Saudi Arabia, and representing foreign investors before the competent authorities and judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Managing and monitoring corporate mergers and acquisitions.
Follow up and manage liquidation and bankruptcy of companies.
Settle financial claims and deal with all relevant business issues and trade notices.

Faleh Al-Kabra office services in the field of corporate governance

At Faleh Al Kabra Law Firm, we provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of corporate governance, including:-
Ensure that the company fully complies with the application of laws in accordance with the Saudi Companies Law, to avoid committing any commercial legal violations.
Participate in the management of companies and work on their development,
Observe compliance with all legal regulations relating to companies.
Investigate potential violations by employees and take appropriate legal action.
Preparing and implementing agreements and investigations related to company employees in accordance with labor laws and internal regulations.
Providing the necessary legal support in conducting mergers and acquisitions of companies.
Supervising the increase in the company’s capital and monitoring the company’s general assembly meetings.
Providing legal services in corporate transfers and corporate liquidation.
Services related to the governance of family businesses, including preparing the family business charter, regulating the ownership of family members, business policy and management, distribution of profits, and partners’ disposal of shares or shares.
Working to settle disputes in non-judicial ways in family businesses to avoid getting into conflict

For judicial disputes.

Company establishment services in Saudi Arabia

Faleh Al-Kabra’s office provides company incorporation and governance services throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have a team specialized in providing services to major companies and Saudi and foreign investors in industrial and commercial cities in the Kingdom.

In Faleh Al-Kabra’s office, we are accredited by many competent authorities and government bodies, and we obtain accreditation from the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Investment, the Attribution and Liquidation Center, in addition to obtaining accreditation in commercial arbitration, the General Administration of Authentication, and the Capital Market Authority.

We are distinguished by our history and experience in providing excellent and reliable legal services in the corporate field. We are here to assist you in all legal aspects related to establishing and managing companies and ensuring full compliance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Duties of a company incorporation lawyer

When you are thinking about establishing a company, you should consider communicating with a lawyer who specializes in establishing companies. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of the legal procedures that must be followed, our team is one of the best lawyers in establishing companies.

Companies can assist you with several tasks that vary according to laws and regulations, and include the following:-

Drafting and following up on contracts: The lawyer drafts contracts related to the company and follows up on their implementation correctly.
Managing corporate cases: The lawyer is responsible for following up on any legal issues related to the company and defending its rights.
Investigations and Complaints: The lawyer handles complaints and conducts the necessary investigations to resolve potential problems.
Legal advice: A lawyer provides the necessary advice to help you make the right decisions and comply with applicable laws.
Follow up on the progress of work: The lawyer ensures that the company complies with the laws and regulations and follows up on the progress of work in general.
Tenders and Auctions Management: The lawyer participates in managing government operations, tenders and auctions.

How to legally register the company in the Saudi market

The process of legally registering the company and listing it in the Saudi market takes place through the following steps:-
Preparing the required documents and papers: All documents required to register the company must be provided, such as partners’ identities and passports for foreign partners. The company establishment form must be filled out and all registration fees must be paid.
Reviewing the competent authority: The Ministry of Commerce in the Kingdom is reviewed, as it is considered the body responsible for monitoring companies, and the legal registration procedures for the company are carried out.
After completing the procedures, an official certificate is issued in the name of the company and a specific registration number is assigned to it. After these steps, the company is considered a legal entity that bears responsibility and is bound by obligations, and is entitled to rights and duties.