I need to establish a mixed professional company. What are the procedures?

Establishing the company requires the presence of a Saudi partner who has a license to practice the profession, while the foreign partner must be a legal personality in the capacity of a company practicing the same profession for a period of no less than 10 years. The Saudi partner’s share in the articles of incorporation must be no less than 25% of the company’s capital.

I own an institution, how can I convert it into a company?

An organization can be converted into a company in different ways according to the applicable legal arrangements. An organization can be converted into a company electronically, or it can be converted into a one-person company under a limited liability or closed joint stock entity.

Is it possible to amend the company’s articles of incorporation?

Yes, the company’s articles of incorporation can be amended by making the required amendments via electronic means. This includes taking partners’ decisions and drafting the partners’ decision or the general manager of the company, in accordance with the powers of the original articles of incorporation.

What is the difference between an electronic instrument and a regular instrument?

Electronic instrument: It is the instrument entered through the Ministry’s comprehensive system. As for the regular instrument: it is the instrument that is registered manually before activating the comprehensive notary system.

I want to divide my property between my children, where do I go?

Go to the first notary in the country of real estate to serve you.

If there is a power of attorney that includes two people and one of them dies, is it invalidated by the living person?

No, the principle is that the agency legally ends with the deceased and is valid for others.

What are the conditions required to make a power of attorney for someone over land, and is it possible to make the power of attorney a notary?

Yes, it is possible to make an agency in a notary, and this requires the presence of the client with his national identity and the information of both the property and the agent.

Where can I renew an old instrument in Riyadh?

Real estate deeds are updated in the first notary north of Riyadh.

If I want to transfer a property in my name to someone, does he need to be present?

Yes, both parties must be present.

Does the agency's work require two witnesses?

No, the agency's work does not require two witnesses

I had a hearing and did not attend it and a ruling was issued against me. Do I have the right to file an objection?

Yes, you have the right to do so during the prescribed statutory period.

My father died and we want to distribute the estate. What are the procedures?

We determine the inheritance left by the deceased, then estimate the assets and debts to distribute the estate among the legitimate beneficiaries in accordance with inheritance laws and applicable legislation.

How can a case be pursued in a court?

You can follow the progress of the case by entering its number through the Ministry of Justice’s electronic portal.

Where are the procedures for ratifying or annulling the marriage contract document?

This is done at the Personal Status Court.

I want to obtain a power of attorney. Does this require an appointment?

No, this does not require an appointment.

Where can I reserve a trade name?

يتم ذلك من خلال بوابة الأعمال واختيار الاسم المطلوب ويتم دراسة الطلب من قبل مدققين لدى وزارة التجارة .

I have a guardianship deed from my father. Can I delegate another person?

If the guardianship instrument stipulates for you the right of power of attorney, you can do so as stipulated in the guardianship instrument.